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We remove Dead squirrels from attics

If you un-knowingly repair a hole,

a squirrel might be trapped inside

We can remove squirrels without destroying your repair,

but its best to let us remove the squirrel first

We humanly trap and exclude squirrels from homes and businesses.

Squirrel removal is very important if one has chewed their way into your attic space. Female squirrels have two litters of babies per year and are looking for a safe dry place to birth and raise their young.

Your attic offers exactly what they are looking for. Once a squirrel has taken up residence in your attic they will chew on electrical wires, support beams, contaminate your space with feces, urine, parasites such as; flies and ticks and bring in nuts and other debris.

We are squirrel removal experts. We will trap and remove all the squirrels from your home or building and squirrel proof the home or building so they will not be able to get back in. We guarantee our work.

Squirrels come in many different species, In the South West we have the gray squirrel, red squirrel, flying squirrel and the fox squirrel. 

Flying squirrels are the smallest and the fox squirrel is the largest.  The two methods that are used are either trapping or exclusion. We have the best warrantees in the industry when it comes to flying squirrels no other company can beat us on quality and longevity.

We like to answer questions during inspections so you know exactly what is happening and why.

Do you have… squirrels running in your attic, squirrels scratching in your walls, squirrels in your chimney, squirrels in your basement, squirrels in your soffits, baby squirrels in your attic, or squirrels running through your home? We trap squirrels and exclude squirrels from residential and commercial properties on a daily basis. Squirrel removal and squirrel damage repair is our specialty.

Squirrels can seem cute and are very entertaining. But they can also cause quite a bit of damage to a home, especially once they have entered the attic. They are notorious chewers and chew everything to help keep their teeth, which continuously grow, ground down so they do not outgrow their mouths.

They will chew the insulation off of A/C lines, the wood framing, your belongings that are stored in boxes in your attic, and even the insulation on electrical wiring creating a fire hazard. They have two litters per year consisting of anywhere from 2-5 young typically, once in the Spring and another late Summer/early Fall.

Squirrels populations can grow rapidly and once they have entered an attic they can be quite tricky to remove, especially if there are young present. For this reason if you are currently hearing noises in your attic it is important to give us a call and let us help remove your squirrels and seal up your home before they have babies. This is exactly what we do!!


Squirrels are very interesting and cute creatures to watch. They are very active in this community and are not aggressive at all unless protecting their young. Thought fun to watch, they can get into our homes and business quite easily through a relatively small hole simply by making it bigger.

They are excellent chewers, and in fact they must chew to file their teeth down or they will continue to grow until the squirrel can no longer feed. Squirrels love to chew on wood and once inside our attics, that is a scary sound indeed. Not only that, they often chew on electrical wiring insulation which can cause a serious fire hazard.

Our attics provide a perfect habitat for squirrels to get out of the cold weather and once they enter, they must be excluded and or trapped and be removed. Once they have been removed we can then SQUIRREL PROOF YOUR HOME to ensure you do not have this problem again in the future.



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